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If you are not to blame for a motorbike accident injury you have suffered in the last 3 years, then you could be eligible to pursue a compensation claim.

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Motorbike injury claims are our forte at Motorcycle Injury Lawyers and our specialist motorbike claims team is able to advise you on the full complement of legal issues associated with your case.

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Motorbike accidents can, unfortunately, lead to a broad range of subsequent injuries. Sadly, numerous studies and reports agree that motorbike riders account for a large portion of total fatalities in road traffic accidents. Many accidents involving motorbikes, end up with victims experiencing head injuries.

Common Motor Injuries

  • Head injuries – Serious cases are classed as Traumatic Brain injuries (TBIs) and cause permanent damage with severe long-term effects. Mild concussion causes more short-term effects like headaches and blurry vision. In both cases, symptoms may not appear straight away.
  • Road rash – when a biker is physically dragged along the road during an accident then severe lacerations, sometimes causing scars, can arise.
  • Arm and leg fractures – this usually occurs when bikers are thrown off their bikes, breaking bones when they land.
  • Pelvic damage – because of the position of the body on a motorbike, the pelvis is often a vulnerable area when a collision is encountered. Urological damage can follow in this instance.

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