Claiming For Motorcycle Accidents Involving Cars

Motorcycle accidents involving cars account for just under two-thirds of motorcycle collisions on our roads according to research.

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Reasons for motorcycle and car collisions

One of the main reasons for motorcycle accidents involving cars is because there has not been sufficient observation by a car driver. A survey by MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident in Depth Study) reveals that 37% of motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers not checking visibility correctly before making a manoeuvre. Some of the specific causes are below:

  • Motorcycle accidents at junctions. In this scenario, it is often the car driver who is at fault for failure in spotting a motorcyclist who is heading towards him/her.
  • Motorcycle accidents on bends. This situation can often be the rider who is at fault by misjudging the angle of a bend.
  • Motorbike accidents when overtaking. This type of incident can be the fault of either driver or rider. A rider could be weaving in and out of still traffic too quickly or a driver could be coming out of a lane without checking the mirrors properly.

How to avoid car and motorcycle collisions

Because of the high frequency of motorcycle accidents involving cars, there has been an ongoing government campaign to try and lower the statistics. The Think Bike! initiative gives riders and drivers clear advice on how to avoid accidents on the roads. Here are a few to remember:

  • Riders should be alert when considering the actions of other road users; they should be able to slow down easily if required to; make sure they are visible to other road users as much as possible; check blind spots
  • Car drivers should keep their distance from bikers; always check for bikes when making a manoeuvre; be mindful of bikers at junctions; when opening a car door while stationary, check there are no oncoming bikers

Making a claim for your motorcycle accident involving a car

If you experienced injuries from a motorcycle accident involving a car through no fault of your own then you may be able to claim for compensation. Motorcycle Injury Lawyers will be able to help you with your claim for compensation. Please call our personal injury team on 0800 808 9733.