Defective Roads and Motorbike Accident Claims

Most motorcyclists are safe and cautious when riding but the condition of the road they are driving on is not something they can usually control.

make a motorcycle injury claim following an accident on a defective road

Car drivers and passengers are at a much lower risk than motorbike riders because of the physical protection of the vehicle that surrounds them. A defective road is something that can often cause motorbike riders to lose control and crash or collide with an object or another vehicle. The same defective road does not always pose a threat to cars or lorries.

Common Types Of Road Defect Causing Motorbike Accidents

  • Oil spillages from other vehicles can result in a motorbike crash.
  • Potholes and loose gravel can alter the surface of the road and cause a motorbike accident.
  • Natural debris from the surrounding area, like tree branches, is also a risk for motorcyclists.
  • Loads which have fallen off trucks or lorries can be very dangerous for motorbike riders, particularly on roads with high-speed limits.
  • Certain roads in the winter are prone to ice coverings. If there is no grit or an insufficient amount of grit then accidents can again arise.

How To Succeed In Your Defective Road Motorbike Accident Claim

For your defective road motorbike injury claim to be successful you will need to show evidence that the road travelled on was defective. Other people involved in the accident may try to argue otherwise and suggest that it was the high speed of the motorcyclist which was to blame. Our motorcycle injury claims team are highly experienced in helping people to make a claim following a motorbike accident and will be able to advise.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Understands Motorbike Accidents

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers understand the science behind the different effects defective roads have on motorbikes as opposed to most other vehicles. Because of this understanding, we are able to put forward a meaningful and firm case for compensation on your behalf.

Injuries experienced as a result of a defective road can range from minor cuts and bruises through to major head injuries. The latter can cause a whole host of problems and can leave victims unable to care for themselves. This can result in losses, both financial and other. Motor Cycle Injury Lawyers will make every effort to seek the compensation that you deserve.

If you believe that you have had a motorbike injury caused by a defective road and it was not your fault then please contact Motor Cycle Injury Lawyers as soon as you can. Our team of expert motorcyclist specialists are on hand to organise your initial consultation meeting. Put your contact details on our online form or call us on 0800 808 7733.