Motorbike Filtering Accidents

Motorbike filtering commonly occurs when a rider takes over a vehicle on a motorway or dual carriageway, this often happens when there is a queue of traffic and other vehicles are stationary.

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Filtering through traffic is, for many riders, one of the benefits of riding a motorcycle in congested traffic. However, unless treated with caution and safety, this type of situation can often lead to collisions and serious accidents.

Car drivers do not always see motorcyclists and this can be because they do not pay due care and attention to them. When there is heavy traffic and filtering is taking place then this situation is heightened and there is an increased risk of accidents.

What The Highway Code Says About Filtering

The highway code has specific guidelines on what is permissible when filtering through traffic. It states that there should be no overtaking when there is a possibility of coming into conflict with other road users.

It advises that all drivers and riders should use mirrors, check blind spots and look out for pedestrians before they manoeuvre. It also advises that motorcyclists should keep their speed low when filtering in slow-moving traffic.

The precautions written in the Highway Code are straightforward rules of driver and rider safety. However, the measures it advises are not always taken, mistakes happen and this often leads to a high incidence of motorbike filtering accidents.

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