Motorbike Pothole Claims

Motorbike pothole claims are brought to us regularly at Motorcycle Injury Lawyers. Potholes may sound more like an annoyance rather than a serious road hazard but they can cause very serious injuries to motorcyclists.

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Most bikers know about the dangers of potholes and have probably ridden over many in their time. However, if you are unfamiliar with a road and a pothole appears unexpectedly it can have disastrous consequences.

Often it is not the actual pothole which has caused the problem but it is because a car has had to swerve to avoid it and has perhaps collided with you. Weather conditions can also make potholes more dangerous, ice can cover them up and make the surrounding area slippy.

If you have had a motorcycle accident in this way then Motorcycle Injury Lawyers can help you with your motorbike pothole claim.

Who Is Responsible For Potholes In The Road?

The local authority is responsible for the road where the pothole is. They are in charge of maintaining all the roads within their area, this includes making sure road surfaces are safe.

Despite being obliged under a ‘duty of care’ local authorities and councils will often fight motorbike pothole claims. The Highways Act of 1980 dictates that all roads, paths and dual carriageways must be adequately maintained and inspected. The level of inspection work depends on the size and complexity of the road network within a particular council.

Sometimes inspections and the frequency at which they are inspected can be used as a defence, equally, it can be used to argue on behalf of the injured party that not enough road inspections were carried out prior to the accident.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Can Help You With Your Pothole Claim

Pothole claims can often be helped if there is evidence to prove the accident was because of the pothole. Photographs of the road and neighbour witness statements detailing how long the pothole has been there are some examples of this.

Motorbike pothole claims can sometimes be complex but we have a team of very experienced motorbike injury solicitors able to help. We understand the different circumstances which can lead to this type of claim. Please call us on 0800 808 9733.