Passenger Accident Claims

The number of vehicles on UK roads has increased significantly and you are at risk of an accident whether you are a driver or a passenger.

make a passenger accident claims for compensation

Passenger accident claims include a number of different kinds of incidents; you could be a passenger in a car or a public or private bus or a coach. If you are a passenger in an accident and have been injured through no fault of your own, you have the right to make a personal injury compensation claim.

A contributing factor to passenger accident statistics may be that rise of car-sharing for the commute to and from work. People are trying to cut costs and reduce carbon footprints by travelling with others, however, they are still at the same risk as they would be driving a vehicle.

Despite the fact there are numerous car and seatbelt safety campaigns as well as the better safety engineering of vehicles, unfortunately, there is still a considerable number of road traffic accidents.

Reasons For Passenger Accident Claims

There is an infinite number of ways in which a passenger of a vehicle can be injured in an accident and an equal number of different types of injury, each presenting different consequences for the injured party.

The driver of the car you are in could have made a mistake which led to a collision; if this is the case then your claim would be made against his/her insurance company. If the fault was that of a driver in a different vehicle to yours then the claim will be managed through that person’s insurance company.

There can be exceptions, but often, passenger accident claims are straightforward as it is usually identifiable that the fault of the accident is not that of the passenger as they were not in charge of any vehicle.

Claiming Compensation For Passenger Injuries

If you have been injured in a car accident and the fault was not yours then it possible you could make a personal injury claim. In all cases, third party blame needs to be evident and the accident must have happened within the last three years to be valid.

There are many kinds of injuries you could have incurred in a passenger accident, including whiplash injuries, spinal damage and/or brain injuries. All of these can be very serious and mean you have to have time off work or cannot return to work at all.

Your passenger accident injuries could also leave you out-of-pocket if you have had to pay for any medical expenses. A compensation claim could enable you to reclaim some or all of these costs.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Passenger Accident Claim

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