Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort Of Personal Injury Can I Claim Compensation For?

In addition to motorcycle injury claims, we also provide a range of personal injury services covering many types of accident and injury claims. Whether your claim is for a motorcycle injury or not, we would encourage you to complete our initial online claim form as we also deal with accidents at work, medical negligence claims, industrial injuries and diseases, road traffic accident claims and a whole range of other claims for compensation.

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I’m not sure if I can make a claim for motorcycle injury compensation or other personal injury compensation – how do I make a claim?

All you need to do is fill in our online form or call us. Once your initial enquiry is received one of our motorcycle injury team of solicitors will be back in touch with you to discuss your potential claim further.

My Accident Happened A While Ago – Can I Still Claim?

If your accident happened in the last three years we can help you.

In the case of minors, the three year period does not commence until the age of 18 is reached.

Do I Need Any Money To Make A Claim?

We will not ask you to pay us any money.

What Documentation Is Needed To Make A Motorcycle Injury Claim?

You need not worry about having to gather lots of documentation together before you make an enquiry about your accident or injury claim.

We will take care of the paperwork that is required to get your claim underway once we have carried out an initial consultation with yourself.

If we need to obtain any medical reports for your claim, we will make arrangements for these to be produced.

If we need more documents from you throughout the course of your claim, we will get in touch with you and ask for the required documentation.

How Long Does A Motorcycle Accident Claim Take To Settle?

We aim to settle all claims as quickly as possible. The amount of compensation you receive depends on the injury you have received and importantly the length of time for which the injury will affect you.

If the defendant admits responsibility for your accident at the outset, your claim may settle within 6 months although this is not always the case.

Steps We May Have To Take

Do please take into account however that there may be steps involved which inevitably take time, such as:

  • Carrying out investigations which may take several months
  • Obtaining medical evidence. We will not ask you to attend a medical examination immediately after the accident as it may be that the full extent of your injuries cannot be accurately assessed until several months after the accident
  • We may have to wait until you have recovered sufficiently from your injuries before being in a position to value your claim.

If the defendant does not accept responsibility for your accident then, assuming the evidence to support your claim is strong enough, Court proceedings may have to be issued.

Although only a very small percentage of this type of case ever comes to trial, it is not unknown for cases to take up to a year or so from the commencement of Court proceedings to conclude.

However, even if proceedings are issued, it is always open to the defendant to make an offer of settlement at any point during your claim.

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Please remember that, in spite of all the above possibilities, we will always be doing everything that we can to ensure that your claim is settled in the shortest time possible.

What If I Lose My Claim?

All cases are taken on a ‘no-win, no-fee’* basis. This means that if the case is lost you don’t pay a penny.

* In limited circumstances, fees may be charged where your claim is not successful and these specific limited circumstances are set out in our No Win No fee Agreement. In addition, if you fail to attend a medical appointment arranged for you, the Doctor may charge a non-attendance fee.

Getting Started With Your Claim

The first step in making your claim for compensation is to get in touch with Motorcycle Injury Lawyers. Either complete our contact form or give us a call on 0800 808 9733. One of our so our personal injury solicitors will call you back for an informal discussion regarding the details of your potential claim.

We will then be able to advise you whether we feel that there are sufficient grounds to proceed with your claim and we will then make the necessary arrangements for any paperwork that is required.

We hope that these FAQs have helped to explain the various stages in progressing your claim. However, if you do have any further queries please do not hesitate to phone us for free on 0800 808 9733. We’re here to help.

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