Campaigners Victory Over Accident Blackspot

Measures to reduce problems with traffic have been implemented at a notorious accident area in Chorley, Lancashire.

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It has been announced by the council that rumble strips (raised bumps in the road that cause the tyres to make a different sound when travelling across them to warn of the need to slow down) are to be installed on the bend where there has been a number of cars which have overturned on the road. Local residents have been asking for several years for the area to have a system or systems put in place to prevent a high number of road accidents form occurring and now they have a result.

No Evidence Of Speeding In The Area

The council undertook an investigation to look into speeding in the area after the residents had specifically asked for traffic calming measures. They said that after looking into there was no evidence of speeding.

A Highways engineer for Chorley said that following the accidents on the bend, the organisation has been working with the police to improve the safety of the road. Bill Dawson said: “We are intending to install red rumble strips and chevron signs to make motorists more aware of the speed limit and the approaching bend. The work is scheduled to be carried out in early autumn.”

County Councillor, Kim Snape also commented that getting the rumble strips after so many years of lobbying is a ‘great result’.

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