What Are Smart Motorways?

The Highways Agency has recently announced that the UK’s motorways will be using technology to make them safer and smarter. Smart Motorways will be controlled by a central unit and they will be able to respond to weather conditions by changing the speed limits either temporarily or permanently.

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They will also use CCTV so that road traffic personal can attend incidents immediately.

Different Types Of Smart Motorway

There will be different kinds of smart motorway used in different parts of the country. Below are the different kinds:

  • All lane running motorways have no hard shoulders and drivers must not stop on the motorway unless then pull into a service station or an emergency refuge area
  • Controlled motorways use the hard shoulder in a traditional sense and it should therefore only be used in emergencies. The other three lanes or more will have variable speeds on them which be shown on signs above
  • Hard shoulder running smart motorways will see the hard shoulder opening during busy periods when there are clear signs above to use it. The speed limit will also be reduced on these motorways during busy periods

If there is a red X above the lane in which you are travelling then you will need to avoid it or come out of it immediately. This sign indicates that the lane cannot be used because of an accident or road works on it. The construction of Smart Motorways is already underway and there will be further work up until 2015 on some routes.

Have You Been Injured On The Road?

The aim of the new motorways is to make things easier and safer for drivers. Many accidents which occur on the motorway result in serious and often fatal injuries for victims. Speeding, tailgating and other dangerous driving behaviour can sometimes be the cause of motorway accidents. If you have been injured in an accident on the motorway through no fault of your own then you could be able to make a personal injury claim.

Claiming Compensation For A Road Accident

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