Motor Accident Whiplash Claims

Whiplash injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common kinds of road traffic injuries.

Whiplash is caused when there has been an immediate blow to the head causing damage to the muscles and tendons in and around it. The damage can be extremely painful and recovery can sometimes take months.

make motor accident whiplash claims for compensation following an accident or injury in a car or other road accident

Types Of Motor Accidents Causing Whiplash

There are many ways in which you can suffer whiplash. It does not have to be as a driver in a head-on car accident. You may also experience whiplash if you have been involved in one of the following kinds of motor accidents:

    • Multi-Vehicle Road Accidents
    • Bus crash with multiple passengers on board
    • Coach or train accidents
    • Passenger accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Rear side collisions

For passenger whiplash claims, your compensation will be made against the insurance company of the individual who has been deemed responsible for the accident. This could be the driver of the car you are in or another driver of a vehicle you collided into.

Effects Of A Whiplash Injury

You may have needed to have time off work if you have experienced a whiplash injury. This can be a few days or it could be months of being unable to continue in your job. If you have suffered a loss of earnings then this will be considered in your personal injury claim.

Expenses that you have had to pay for because of your whiplash injury will also be factored into a possible claim. Travel to and from medical appointments and medical equipment required in relation to your injury can also form part of your overall settlement amount.

Making A Whiplash Claim

If you have been injured in any kind of road traffic accident or motor vehicle accident and suffered whiplash then it is worth considering personal injury compensation if the accident was not your fault.

In order for your claim to be valid, the incident must have occurred within the last three years and third party blame must be clearly demonstrated.

At Motorcycle Injury Lawyers we understand the diversity of motor accident whiplash claims and the often very difficult circumstances they can leave with victims and their families. If you would like more information on how our expert motor accident claims team can help you, please get in touch with our team on 0800 808 7733 or complete one of our online claim forms.