Winter Weather Safety For Bikers

A lot of bikers are not deterred from riding their bikes in the winter months; while other prefer to protect their pride and joy over the often icy season.

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If you have decided to ride your bike then here are some tips on winter weather safety for bikers; useful to bear in mind before you take to the road.

  • Health-check your bike by ensuring all moving parts of the engine are working and moving properly before setting off. Corrosion often results from ice and snow
  • Be visible. Clean your light covers regularly as these can sometimes cloud up with grit and dirt
  • Wear hi-vis gear so that the dark winter nights don’t fade you into obscurity for other road users
  • Adjust your riding style. Fog and rain can arrive suddenly. Always be mindful of the need to change your speed and increase your road safety awareness when this happens
  • Strong winds can occur at this time of year. If possible it is better to avoid riding in these conditions. Light objects like twigs or paper can often fly into your view suddenly creating a potentially very dangerous situation
  • All bikers know to check the pressure of their tyres regularly. This is even more important in winter as the wrong pressure can lead to slipping on roads with ice or wet leaves
  • Anti-misting spray for your mirrors is handy to give them a quick clean when needed
  • Breaking distances need to be further during poorer weather. This could be a life-saver and will also reduce the amount of surface spray from the vehicle in front
  • Winter weather safety for bikers also involves keeping warm. Get too cold on your bike and you might not be capable of riding it as effectively as you should. Wear a thin fitting base layer and make sure you are not so layered that you lose flexibility in movement
  • If you haven’t already, invest in some high quality, sturdy gloves and one-piece leathers
  • Be aware of pedestrians who might act differently in cooler climates. Running to find shelter can mean some pedestrians are not as careful on the roads as they should be
  • Plan your journey before you set off. If it is a long one then organise safe stop off points

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers see a lot of instances where winter weather safety for bikers has been carefully adhered to and the accident happened as a result of a third party. However, it is always worth remembering that you also play a part in keeping yourself safe on your motorcycle during winter.

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